Below you will find articles on various subjects of interest to Catholics and anyone else who desires to better love and serve God and neighbor.  Permission is granted to distribute them without changes.
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Why did Our Lady ask for the Pope and Bishops to consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart?  WHY HAS IT NOT BEEN DONE?
Is the Catholic Teaching on the Holy Trinity Against Reason? 
Are the Ten Commandments Against Human Rights? The Surprising Answer is Here.
      Are Catholics required to believe in ECUMENISM?
      Is the "NEW MASS" CATHOLIC?  Read this SCATHING CRITIQUE of it
submitted by Cardinals Ottaviani and Bacci back in 1969!
DO YOU OWN YOURSELF?  If not, WHO DOES?  Learn why power-grabbing politicians promote the myth of self-ownership!
      "Feminists" assert that MEN have NO RIGHT to an opinion on abortion.
      Why has the PRO-LIFE MOVEMENT been unable to end legalized abortion?  Has Our Lady already told us how to do it?  (REVISED!)
      Can Pro-Lifers agree with Pro-aborts on ANYTHING?
YES!  (But the Pro-aborts will probably be sorry they said it...) 
      Who was the first "Pro-Choice" politician in history?
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A real eye-opener! (ppt slide presentation, 360KB)
What LUNATIC NATION would allow these atrocities?
(ppt slide presentation, 4.4 MB)
Is it wrong to hate hatred? pdf article, 108 KB.
Are guns to blame for the Massacre at Newtown?  
Or is it something else?  Click here for a different view.
Can there really be a "Right to be Wrong"?  pdf article, 46 KB
Do Catholics Practice Idolatry?  pdf article, 72 KB
Did Jeremias the Prophet foresee the post-Vatican II destruction of the Church? pdf article, 285KB
"Verses versus Vatican II":  One Catholic's lament on the state of the Church, pdf, 75KB
"Can a Loyal Catholic Love the Pope and Oppose Vatican II?"(pdf-87K)
"Interesting Facts About the Bible" (pdf, 233K)
"The Bible Made a Catholic out of Me", by Whitcomb (pdf, 229K)
Evolution: Science or Religious Dogma?  If the Secularist religion issued a Catechism, would it look like THIS?
Is it possible to serve God while conforming to modern fashions?  The answer is here.
Is it possible to serve God while conforming to modern fashions?
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Would YOU allow this STRANGER into your home? 
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Are Two Heads Really Better Than One?  Download an Amusing and Instructive Story for All Ages, by G. K. Chesterton
How to Raise a Delinquent in Twelve Easy Steps.